FYS: In the First-Person

Storytelling Podcasts

For stories of tenderness and our shared humanity, check out the archived interviews of NPR’s Story Corps.

Snap Judgment (and its live show) brings you stories about people making difficult decisions, hosted by the inimitable Glynn Washington. Also check out Washington’s other projects, Heaven’s Gate (an in-depth look at the infamous religious cult) and Spooked (stories with a supernatural twist).

Complicating narratives of incarceration is Ear Hustle, a podcast produced by inmates at San Quentin state prison in California.

S-Town will transport you to the rural American South and the mind of a brilliant, reclusive man who lives there.

Don’t miss the true crime sensation Serial. It’s popular for a reason.

Experience the primal magic of live storytelling on The Moth. Also check out their calendar of live events for local Moth slams!

Making Gay History focuses on historical stories about the LGBTQ+ community.

The ultimate NPR classic: This American Life.

Take a deeper dive into aural storytelling and spend a weekend roaming PRX’s Radiotopia, a curator of fascinating, high-quality podcasts.

What Makes a Story Great?

Leslie Jamison advocates for ambiguous endings in “How to Write a Personal Essay.”

The Moth gives listeners some tricks and tips for telling their first story onstage.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reveals the power of stories in her renowned TED Talk, “The Danger of a Single Story.”

Even business professionals can benefit from mastering the art of storytelling, says Bronwyn Fryer in the Harvard Business Review.

William Bradley argues that narrative nonfiction enhances our ability to connect in “Acquiring Empathy Through Essays.”

Digital Narrative Tutorials

How to use the storytelling platform Wakelet to create multimodal storytelling projects.

Create a story using Google Maps by following these simple instructions on making personalized maps.