Introduction to Creative Writing

Where to Find Literary Community Online

The Literary Hub is a treasure trove of original writing, craft articles, interviews, lit-themed podcasts, and criticism.

Listen to your favorite writers read and discuss their work on The New Yorker Fiction Podcast.

Need a book club? Join Tod Goldberg, Julia Pistell, and Rider Strong (yes, THAT Rider Strong from Boy Meets World) for theirs on the hilarious Literary Disco.

Brad Listi’s interview podcast Other People invites writers at all stages of their careers, who have published books with a wide array of presses.

Another podcast, Minorities in Publishing, focuses on underrepresented voices in literary publishing.

Electric Lit is “a nonprofit digital publisher with the mission to make literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive.”

The Writing Life

Cheryl Strayed’s “Write Like a Motherf*cker” (The Rumpus)

Roxane Gay’s “Is It Too Late to Follow My Dreams?” (New York Times)

Saeed Jones’ “Self-Portrait of the Artist as Ungrateful Black Writer” (Buzzfeed)

Xu Xi’s “Three Commandments for Writing about Race” (Brevity)

Lacy M. Johnson’s “On Likability” (Tin House online)

On Writing Workshops

Beth Nguyen’s “Unsilencing the Writing Workshops” (Lit Hub)